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10.5.2 AMD... im nearly there!... surely?


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Right here goes, Ive been silent for the last week.. im determined to get this done with the minimal help required, but now im afraid im hitting the wall...


I can get quite far.. from when i first tried...


So my dearest of new found friends, here is my problem..


1) My laptop seems to freeze "intermittantly" when using the mouse.. might be 20seconds in, might be 30mins in...


2) It wont go through the disk consitency check... i tried skipping (rather like sweeping the gremlings under the carpet and waiting for them to re-appear)


Skipping just freezes like about 5% through install, thats if the mouse triggered freeze doesnt get me first!


When it first booted up, there was no HD in the "Where to install" but i managed find it through Disk Utility or something, and erase then format to mac, then it came up.


The version im installing, is the 10.5.2 Rev.1 Zephyroth (which i thought was my best opt for amd support)


Many thanks in advance...


The laptop is the following..


Acer Aspire 5100 AWLMI

AMD Mk36 Turion 64 (2.0ghz, 512L2 cache)


Ati Radeon Xpress 1100

8139 Onboard Lan

Broadcom Wifi

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