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Couple Problems


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So far ive installed the Zephyroth 10.5.1 and i had some problems along the way, i was able to solve some of them but others i cant figure out.


i have a biostar tforce 570 sli motherboard

amd athlon x2 4800+

geforce 8600 gts

onboard hd audio

im using the one of the onboard ethernet jacks


-my motherboard didnt support ahci with my sata drive so i bought an ide drive

-i dont get the white apple loading screen and i never saw any boot movie which people talk about if that makes any difference

-after installing i got the "cant recognize keyboard loop" which i fixed with the switching the res to 640x480x32

-then a kernal panic which i fixed but i cant remember how



-the ethernet cable isnt being reconized as plugged in by the computer or my router

-not sure if sound works

-video card is not correctly installed


im not great with macs, first time using one, so reading about kernals and stuff has gotten a lil confusing


Thx to anyone that can help

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