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iATKOS installation with Vista; which bootloader


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I am installing iATKOS 1.0ir2 on a Dell m1530.

I have partitioned the drive as follows: 200gb vista, 100gb unallocated (using diskpart in windows) then set the unallocated to active. (as per http://maconpc.distinctlyjordan.com/2008/0...p-and-leopard/)


I started the DVD with the switch -v.

Using Disk utility, I erased the unallocated and formatted it as Mac OS X Journaled.


Selected the three items under the bootloader dropdown (err stock apple....something, stock kernel, and i think efi). Should I choose EFI emulation?

And should I pick any of the drivers (I guess I can install them later)?


Well, it begun installing and hanged after 1/10th of a bar. Should i use the cpus=1 switch? by doing this, I have to re-enable dual core afterwards, correct? (adding to the boot plist <string>cpus=1 platform=X86PC</string> then re-enable multi threading in settings)




PS: on a more technical note, i'm going to use the vista bootloader i think, as the dell m1530 has a mediadirect button, which you can link to boot a specific partition (using the rmbr program found on the mediadirect disks). so press MD button=mac osx, then press power button=vista. dunno if its gonna mess up the mbr if i use it on a darwin bootloader.

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