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1680x1050 with a 9600 mobility (VGA)?


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HI ,


I pasted my day at testing driver , resolutions , rates , and other stuff.

But I can't have my external monitor working:


I've a laptop with a 9600 mobility(ID:0x4e50) and a 15"4 (1280x800).

I'm under tiger with a callisto.kext(b003 fixed) and the ATIRadeon9700.kext .


I've no problem for the QE...


Well , now the hard part:


When my internal screen is pluged , I can't have a resolution over 1280*800 on the two screens

but I unplugeg my internal monitor , I've in the Preferences lot of resolutions .When the system starts without my internal screen , I've

on my external screen a resolution of 1024*768 .Well , Why didn't I change the resolution ?


So, When I changed the resolution in this configuration , I've a black screen ("Under Limit", Frequency I guess ?) , I tested to create a resolution with SwitchResX but nothing worked.

To have a "correct" resolution I've to start the system in safe boot.


Now I'm out of Idea , So , I asking you if you have a solution to my strange problem.




[Edit] I tested to install my own EDID , but it only work with callisto b008 wich is not compatible with my hardware

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