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Dell E520 Help. please.


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I get this same problem with iatkos and kalyway. I want to try the ISO before on vmware but i can never install it because it always says this




My system specs.


Dell Dimension E520


Intel Core 2 Duo 1 6300 1.86ghz

RAM:2 Gigabytes Kingston.

GFX Card: Nvidia 7300 LE


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Leopard doesn't work in VMware. Give up.

I use 10.4.8 in VMware -- it works but its slow.


On the other hand, E520 runs Leopard beautifully.

It was tricky to install, particularly if you leave your SATA drive in raid0 as it was shipped so you don't have to reinstall XP/Vista.

Here is my install guide.



By your specs, only thing that won't run is ethernet. My solution was to use a tulip compatible ethernet card. You have 2 pci slots, so you can disable onboard ethernet and add a tulip card. Mine is Linksys LNE100TX v4. Here is my driver:


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