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Please help newbie with dell gx 260


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I got dell optiplex gx 260 (1.8 and 2.66 GHz) and realised some people already instaled os x on it. I would like to retire my home PM7500 with g3 card running Panter (better said trying to catch that panter on HD :-)

But there is so many information here and I have more user expirience with os x and my english is not perfect so I would like to ask for a help.


I can use 10.4.7 instalation disc. But here is recomended 10.4.8 at least. Is it possible to instal 10.4.11 directly or I have to go through 10.4.8,9,10 to 11? Of cource I would like to manage 10.4.11 for future compatibility.


Where to look for JaS patch? I feel a bit lost in amount of links and dead links. What file name is good to google?


I have mac version of PCI ATI RAdeon 7500 video card. I found some info about it here and some modified kext also. Have I chance that it would be working and give me DVD playback on that machine?


And if I woudl instal tiger on external USB drive, can I patch it afterwards? From booted DVD or I have to do it on mac after instalation?


My dell does not have dvd. Can I use any DVD, like some LG DL burner I use in external box now? I had to patch it under Panter not sure it is supported under Tiger natively. C

n not check now.


Thank anybody for help tips and recomendations.

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