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Various issues to sort out.


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So ive got some issues, all my specs are in my sig.


btw, I installed with brazil up to 10.5 and then used kalyway combo update to get to 10.5.2 - im also too afraid to do the graphics update. all others ive done.


- Reallllly long boot time. (how the hell do I fix this?) Ive tried a few SMBIOS's with no luck.

- I cant get my IDE dvd drive to be recognized. (a simple kext file solved this in 10.5.1)

- System Profiler crashes, always (this has never worked for me, not even in previous versions of leo)

- Core recognition (about this mac claims im running Core Solo, well i have a Duo.


The only problem that existed in 10.5.1 was the system profiler instability.


It would be great if you guys could link me to proper kext files.




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