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Monitor CPU/GPU frequencies, usage and temperature?


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I just finished installing Kalyway 10.5.1 on my PK5-E wifi/q6600/8800GT and it all works flawlessly. Applied the combo update, installed the new kernels, and nvinstaller v4 and I think I got it all working.

I think I made the mistake of not installing the wifi driver from the installer, and now I'm using some realtek client that does the job, although I think that if I install certain kext, I can get airport working.


Anyway, I wanted to know if there's any GPU temperature monitor for Leopard? I know there's a CPU/Disk temperature monitor (temperature monitor 4.5 or hardware monitor 4.5).


After the installation, I re-enabled C1E and SpeedStep (which were the only things I had disabled), and it still booted. I noticed that the temperatures of the CPU cores had gone down to the same values I had on vista, so I'm wondering if Speedstep is really working? Where can I check what's the CURRENT cpu frequency ? (or the current FSB multiplier).


I'm interested in the GPU temperature because 8800GT cards get too hot. On windows, the idle temps are 59-61 ºC for me, with the fan at 30%. If I'm not mistaken, leopard uses the card more, right?

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