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Boot on Asus P5DL2 Deluxe Fails


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Hello all. I have combed the net for a solution to my issue, but I've failed to find any results.

First, my PC specs:

Asus P5DL2 Deluxe

Radeon X1650 Pro 256B PCIe

Pentium D @ 3Ghz (BIOS overclocks it slightly to 3.01GHz)

160 PATA HDD (only a single partion)




I am using the latest JaS OS X 10.4.8 image. The install went smoothly and I followed the directions I found here in the forums. When I go to boot I get the "You computer need to be turned off" screen in several languages. I tried using the -v and -s switches but I really had no clue what I was looking for and nothing really stuck out. I then tried another video card (All-In-Wonder 2006 base on the X1300) and got the same result, so I pulled my lone PCI cards and I still get the same results. I am not sure what to do now... :)

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