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Leo4all dvd hangs


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I acquired the leo4all iso. I patched it to v1 and the md5sums check out. (I only had 1 dvd laying around - this is why it is not v2.)


My specs are as follows:


2.4ghz intel core 2 duo extreme (quad core) sse3/sse2 capable.

2gb ddr2 ram

nvidia 8800gtx card

onboard sound

asus motherboard, cannot remember the exact model - can find out tommorow.


Currently setup to dual-boot vista ultimate and ubuntu 7.10 with grub.


I am a competent unix/linux user, this is my first attempt at osx86.


Anyways: the problem.


I stuck the dvd in, rebooted. three lines of text flashed in front of me, and then disappeared - smaller, bolder white text started going by.


Eventually, it ended in a kernel panic. (never reached gui)


I tried a new tactic I learned from some googling. I hit f8 when the dvd first started, typed in -x -v -f cpus=1

This went on for awhile, I got some mDNS errors, switched over to some sort of "old" caching method (LDOB?) - memory is fuzzy.


Then: it hung on a line that said something to the effect of:



If you want me to get more specifics, I can. I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone is interested in helping me, or if anyone recognizes this sort of problem. I'm very tired right now which is why I haven't gone and written all of these error messages down. I'll do so tommorow when I get a moment.


Thanks loads,



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