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complete crash when listening to music (itunes, etc.)


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I just managed to crash my fresh Leo4Allv2 install twice by listening to music. The system would completely halt with a small portion of the sound looping forever. It doesn't make a difference whether I use iTunes oder Cog, or anything else.

I use the newest Leo4All (10.5.2) with the AppleHDAPatcher and an appropriate dump, and basically, sound is working (I just tried lineout so far). Here are my system specs:

Core2Duo 4500

DFI BloodIron TR2L (good compatibility, {censored} board apart from that...)

4gig DDR2 (no, I did not fill it up to 3.5gig, not even close)

ALC885 internal audio codec

Radeon HD2400


I think it's somehow related to the ALC885, since I hear the sound looping after the crash, and, of course, because it just happens when listening to music.


Did someone else experience a similar problem?




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what is the bus of your ram? is it dual channel?

Actually Hachintosh crashes with using dual channel rams when you use IDE ports too. if so, there is solutions on forums for this matter.

Hi I am using dual channels RAM and IDE ports ... and I am facing issues.

I looked in the forum but I cannot find any info, could you give me more informations?




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