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Need Urgent help on Leopard


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Hello everyone :P . Im running a 2ghz, 2gig, dual core E1505 laptop. Currently i just installed leopard with the kalyway install, and I needed help with these questions:


1.) I installed Leopard, and for the first time after installation it brought me to my desktop. Now everytime i start my laptop, if i dont press f12, i get a constant _ (underscore) symbol flashing on a black screen. If i press f12, i get taken to the install mac section. Im trying to figure how to fix this, and have my laptop boot into leopard without the long wait.



2.) I dont have any sound. Is there a fix for this?




3.) Im running another pc with xp,and on the windows os's, im able to connect a ethernet cable and transfer files between pcs. Is this possible to transfer files from an xp pc to my leopard laptop? My xp pc is detecting the connection, but i cant get the mac to see my shared files from my pc (i never really used a mac, so i might be in the wrong directory on my pc)



BTW, I never messed with the customized options before i installed leopard.

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