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Waiting for root device?


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I am having issues installing iATKOS_v1.0ir2. It was the original iATKOS_v1.0.iso patched to v1.0ir2.


When I try to install it, it goes for a little while and then the little spinner logo at the boot screen pops up that circle thing. When I try to install showing error messages it goes for a little while and then eventually displays "waiting for root device".


I have messed around with bios settings a good amount and nothing seems to change anything. (there aren't that many bios settings w/ this mobo).


Here is my system config:


Intel Q6700

Intel DG965WH Motherboard

4gb pc5300 DDR2

BFG 8800GT w/ 512mb ddr3

2: Raptor X 150gb drives (the primary OS is located on the first drive (Vista 64-bit), the second drive has data on it, and has a 6gb partition that is formatted FAT32 to install Leopard onto.)

Optical Drive: some BenQ DVD IDE drive.




I attatched a pic of the error if it helps.


- Thanks for the help.



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