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Overclocking Intel D975XBX2


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I've tried searching all over for info on this, but nothing has helped me so far.


System Specs:


Intel D975XBX2 MOBO

2.13GHZ Core2DUO

EVGA 7300gt video card

3 gigs Kingston 533mhz RAM

XxX OSX86 10.4.11



Everything I've tried so far has just resulted in the machine not booting, I even had to clear CMOS once. Is my RAM too slow, should replace it with 800mhz?


Any help with overclocking this machine would be greatly appreciated.

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There is actually an entire thread about this subject:




It is not your fault if you can't find it, the search feature here is useless.


However also a google search (overclocking a Bad Axe 2) should help quite a bit.


I found this as well (not necessarily overclocking related):



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