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$22@NewEgg - Rosewill RC-211 works perfect with SI driver!


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The card:



The driver:



All I had to do was move the jumper to disable the controllers firmware and now its a JBOD controller. ;)


My goal with this hackint0sh is to get a working ZFS fileserver at home for my music and movies, and use the snapshot feature of ZFS for on disk backups. Using the read/write ZFS kexts from macosforge.org I have been able to import multiple zpools created on Solaris 10U4, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD 7.0, and other 10.5 systems.


A big thank you to all the OSx86 developers for making Apple's great OS available on more customizable platforms, and of course thank you to apple for switching to the x86 architecture!

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