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ToH Leo X86 RC2


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ok, got it all installed and working, except sound card of course, have an external usb one coming, so that's fixed.. but i'm having a few other issues! iCal will not open! i click the icon in the dock and it bounces up and down and the program will open on week view, sit there for a few seconds, then close giving me an error message saying it quit unexpectedly, would i like to ignore, report or relaunch! searched every where for a fix, mostly google and tried everything i saw, nothing worked, so i'm without iCal, which kinda sucks, because it would be awesome to sync my iPhone with it! any tips on a fix for that?!


ALSO.. would LOVE to update as much as possible, but, i'm really scared too! did that last night and got a total of 7 updates, including iTunes, Quicktime, Remote Desktop Client, iLife Support (don't have iLife installed), Front Row Update, AirPort Utility, & Mac OS X Update Combined! i went ahead and selected ALL of the updates available and upon restarting the computer i got a kernel panic and just kept getting a screen telling me to hit the power button to restart.. so.. had to just do a clean install and reinstall all over again!


decided tonight, after the reinstall i would just update the Quicktime and iTunes until i can get further information from you guys on how to install updates without "blowing up" my nice little hackintosh! heh!!


hopefully someone can help with the iCal and update things!! it would be greatly appreciated!


ALSO.. please don't get mad and respond with "this has been posted, do a search" or whatever! i TRIED searching and EVERY TIME i do a search of the forums i get an error message! if it's posted elsewhere and you know, could you please provide a link to said post if you don't feel like helping me with it! like i said, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!


thanks in advance guys (and girls)





*EDIT - April 3, 2008*

so.. i guess no one had any suggestions on the update aspect of this.. i did, however, find a solution for the iCal not opening and constantly crashing.. go into Applications/(right click)iCal/Get Info and then check Open using Rosetta.. it's working for me.. hopefully it will help others with this problem of a constant crash when opening iCal!


if ANYONE has any suggestions about me being able to update from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2, please let me know!!



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