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linux codec dump: totally different


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I'm trying to patch AppleHDA kext for my ALC888DD on ICH9. With all the codec dumps i've found, the digital out is only stereo 16bit and i can't use the SPDIF for ac3 / DTS passthrough. so i've decided to obtain my specific codec dump... grabbed ubuntu 7.10 live and started on another pc, here in office, with ALC850 codec.


that's the dump


0-0/0: Realtek ALC850 rev 0

PCI Subsys Vendor: 0x1849
PCI Subsys Device: 0x0850

Revision         : 0x00
Compat. Class    : 0x00
Subsys. Vendor ID: 0xffff
Subsys. ID       : 0xffff

Capabilities     :
DAC resolution   : 16-bit
ADC resolution   : 16-bit
3D enhancement   : No 3D Stereo Enhancement

Current setup
Mic gain         : +0dB [+0dB]
POP path         : pre 3D
Sim. stereo      : off
3D enhancement   : off
Loudness         : off
Mono output      : MIX
Mic select       : Mic1
ADC/DAC loopback : off
Double rate slots: 7/8
Extended ID      : codec=0 rev=2 LDAC SDAC CDAC DSA=0 SPDIF DRA
Extended status  : SPCV LDAC SDAC CDAC SPDIF=3/4 SPDIF
SPDIF Control    : Consumer PCM Copyright Category=0x22 Generation=1 Rate=48k 



you see, totally different from any other i used from HDA Project's thread...


any idea? i'm pretty n00b with linux stuff :(

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