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where are my HDD's? (install help)


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ok so after 3 days of trying to get katosv10i to work i d/led the kalaway with sse or whatever.


and it loads the installer! i was super stoked until i finally got to the idisk and realized it was not seeing my HDD's


they are both seagate 320gb drives, both SATA, I reformatted them to fat32, still nothing, went to my IDE in bios and switched it from IDE to ACHI and now loading with the SATA controller Disabled, is there any ideas you may have to help me?


these drives were both tested and passed HDD tests and show in bios and in UBCD and in seatools, just not the installer or in my pocket linux knoppix.


please help me!



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Ok, this is only tested with me, and at that it will only detect 1 drive.

I am also not sure if your installation will work properly ( boot up problems after successful install ).

But it's worth giving a shot.


Download this



Burn it, and boot up. Delete all partitions. Then format to UNFORMATTED.

Now, choose one HDD partition ( doesn't matter which ) and RIGHT CLICK -> MANAGE FLAGS

Window should pop up.

Tick BOOT.




Put in Kalyway CD and hope all goes well.

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didn't work. still stuck, can anyone suggest an iso image of a program that can maybe parition the drives in htf+ or w/e cause on gparted it was grayed out. also any other ideas? i have the information of all hardware there must be somone of this forum full of geniouses that can look and figure it out for novices like me?

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