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How to get boot_v8 to boot on 2nd or 3rd HDD automatically

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I've been using the boot_grub_81 from v6 boot loaders with success for a time. But now, as I'll be using GFX strings, I need the v8 boot loader. Moreover, I'll be using leo both on the 2nd and 3rd HDD, so boot_grub_81 will not be sufficient. Also, I know that there is a workaroundby creating a FAT partition on the disk we want to use with PC_EFI, but it's that, a workaround and not a fix or a clean way to solve the problem.


So then, I would like to know if it's possible to have:


a. a modified boot_v8 for 2nd and 3rd HDD as default




b. sources of boot_v8, I'll do the modifications and give the result to the community, as I'm not the only one with this problem.

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Good luck! Netkas has not released source, so we look forward to your efforts.


Work around does not have to be fat32 on 2nd or 3rd HDD. It simply has to be a grub readable partition sufficient to hold boot_v8


Since there are usually a few bytes left over in most peoples partition schemes, it is fairly easy to format these as ext3, put boot_v8 there, and use that space to start boot_v8 from the drive you intend to boot OS X from. And since ext3 is invisible to OS X and Windows, and since it can be in a logical partition, there is really no downside to this work around.

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