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Getting into Audio Editing

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Hey, Ive recently got a macbook pro. Ive been using it mainly for...well...everything...a little bit of photoshop, image editing, made a couple dvds, made a couple video projects, etc...


I have always been a techno fan, if youd make me choose one artist I would probably go with Benny Benassi. I have always wanted to get into making my own techno songs but never seriously looked into anything related to that field since I did not have much time on my hands. Now that im in college ive got more time availiable (funny how that goes, eh ?) and am wanting to get into making my own techno songs.


I have no idea where to start, what I need to buy, im guessing an external sound card, and a half decent set of speakers...but what else ? Can I get a recommendation on what gear to buy, what I would need to get started, what programs to use (Ive pretty much heard that Logic 8 is the thing to use?). If anyone has any video tutorials about...just anything...


Im pretty much starting from zero and could use all the help I can get...thanks alot...

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I would get a Apogee Duet (around $495).




Cheaper options are avaliable from M-Audio, Presonus and others.


For software you could start out with Garageband (Isn't that included when you buy a Mac..?) You basically build up songs from loops. Very easy. If you later want to go a bit deeper I think there are some pretty good Logic upgrade offers.


Just one word of caution. There have been some reports of problems with new Mac's and FW audio interfaces. Apparently recent Macs have been using Agere FW chips (as opposed to the tried Texas Instruments chip). I have heard that Apple recently has returned to TI chips, but you might want to check out what's in your Mac.


For monitors it depends on how large your room is, but I would go for a 8 inch model. Techno requires a lot of bass I guess. Brands could be anything from M-Audio (again) to Dynaudio, ADAM, KRK etc.


Check out youtube for video tutorials.

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