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KALYWAY LEOPARD 10.5.1 installation doesnt start!


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My system


intel core2duo e6600

asus p5b deluxe (newest bios)

msi geforrce 7900gs

6 gig ram (ocz and corsair)

120gb hdd ide connected with coverter to sata , benq cd-drive too (had to do that because i got a malfunction --> ide doesnt work)


what i did:


at first i had to buy converters form my drives, because my board doesn't work with ide


my kalyway dvd is working on my notebook, so I think that isn't the problem



I hope my bois settings are correct. sata as ahci. Manually set cpu and dram frequency, cpu execute disable bit activated, 2nd lan port deactivated, jmicron controller mode ahci, suspend modus only s3, ahci 2.0 activated, acpi apic support activated and the right bootorder.




when i start the dvd darwin starts, but when the white screen with the apple is displayed nothin happens. I dont get to the point where ich have to choose the language and so on! The installation doesnt start. I also started using -v and did some photos. Perhaps some of you guys know what that means. I have no idea. Perhaps it hast o do something with this f**in jmikron controller?!


sorry that the pictures are that big but im not able to scale them down at the moment…



here everything is ok






more failures



at the end this text runs through the screen very fast. But nothing happens.


please help me!!!!

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Your last screenshot shows the real problem; com.apple.system.fs ErrType 10


This is a filesystem-level error, so your DVD or ISO may be corrupted or damaged. Get a fresh version of Kalyway and burn a new copy.

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