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error parsing plist file...


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finally solved the problem with not being able to boot without the install dvd in the drive... but now i've run into another problem... when it loads the darwin bootloader, i get a nice message saying "error parsing plist file" and then it boots into osxthis is only a problem as i'm trying to dual-boot with xp, and it's not giving me the option to because of this error...any ideas???


setup is:Dell Precision 670 Workstation

Dual 2.8Ghz Intel Xeon Processors [one disabled]

1Gb RAMnVidia Quattro 1300fx

installed using ToH OS X Leopard installer on SATA drive



ok, don't worry, found the problem

didn't notice what i was typing when i edited the timeout key, and had entered:




which, for obvious reasons, will not parse



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