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Dell Optiplex 320


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I was given a Dell Optiplex 320 recently, and looked around for about an hour about compatibility issues. I tried using the search function but it's flaky and wouldn't give me ANY results. Is it worth getting a flavor of OSX on this thing? I know it supports the basics like USB keyboard/mouse so it should start from the get go.


The machine is pretty basic but I don't see why it wouldn't work. The specs of the machine are as follows:


Intel Celeron D @ 3.0Ghz


ATi SB600 southbridge

Broadcom 400x



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I'll share with you my experience as I also have a dell that is my test machine. I have a GX280, same hardware except I have a P4 HT. You will most likely need to up the ram a bit, I would try get it up to 512 atleast preferable 1gig.


YOu will also have to find a nic card to use as the onboard is broadcom and I could never get it working. I put in a intel pro card in mine and it works great.


You should be able to get Tiger up and running, it runs flawlessly on my 280. I would try to get a Jas release of 10.4.9 , think thats what I have.

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Dear everybody,


I am new in the Mac World. Sorry fore some stupid questions ;-)


I have one:

Dell Optiplex 320

Core 2 Duo E4500(2.2 Ghz)


40 GB S-ATA HDD (only for MAC OS Leopard 10.5.2 "Kalyway")

ChipSet: ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Professional --> no drivers

ADI1983 High-Definition Audio (work's)

D-Link DWL-AG520(Rev.A) (i have find somes, but it's dosen't works) --> no drivers

on board video adapter(ATI x200 or x1100) --> no drivers


Installing of iAtkos was not sucessfully, becouse my S-ATA controller was not listed in driver list.


Can somebody help me to find the driver for my hardware.


best regards and thanks before,


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