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Help me please dual booting!

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hello im new here and yesterday and all this whole day ive been trying to install tiger (iastko v1.0) on my pc having windows xp. i rebooted all millions of times and i dont know what do to now! mac x doesnt start when i take out the DVD (i think it is because i cant put that the partition is number 5 as i have disk0s5 :S) so it never start!

eventhough i downloaded a boot loader.. which showed that i had 2 OS (win xp and macos) but i couldnt make it run either (and win xp neither)!!! i dont know what else to do!!!


could somebody give me some help plz¿!?



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my big problem:


- my fdisk nº is 0... so i put fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (there all ok)

- i put "p" to see what partition numer is it (is number 5 and here comes the problem) when i put flag "5" it says that there is no partition there :S how it can be if my partition is disk0s5 :S:S:S so i cant make leopard start up!


can somebody help me plz?


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