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Issue with the Laptop when imaged

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I have a IBM T42 Laptop and when I imaged the system I leave it for 20 minutes and then it stops responding. Can someone help why it freezes. Also this happens when I am working on something and it stops working. Also would anyone be able to help me on the wirless drivers I cannot seem to find it.

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I have a T42 (2373 F1G Pentium M 735 1.7 SSE2) as well running 10.5.1 with the modified 9.1 ToH kernel that came with Kalyway 5.1 install disc. I had the same problem, it wont wake up once it goes to sleep. Just disable the sleep settings, I have read it is a problem with my kernel which you can fix by using a no sleep kernel -but then it wont sleep at all.


which wireless card have you got? The Atheros chipset based ones are quite easy to get working (i have read). Mine is an Intel 2200BG, if you have the same here is the link.




I havent tried it myself, in due course.


I have been getting some strange upredictable behaviour running an image on a separate partition as well. After making an image I changed the image volume name until I noticed some references in its files still used its original name. Also whilst trying to debug a kernel panic when trying to boot up from the image I noticed that one of the error messages was from a call to the original partition (and not the image I was booting). I dont really understand the correct procedure for imaging to a separate partition.



my installed partition is named leo, the partition I am imaging to is named disc0s4 (autonamed). When I make an image, I would like to tick the erase first box to play safe - but then I end up with 2 partitions both called leo. What I want to know is would I be better

1) ticking erase partition first, then renaming the partition after I make it to avoid confusion.

2) erasing the partition before I image & just leaving the name as it is.

or doesnt it make any difference?


?Mysticus? has written an excellent newbie install guide




that details how to image & boot from another drive (later in the thread), then later he suggests using a separate partition instead. to him the difference is probably so small as not to need explanation, but in my ignorance I am not sure exactly of the difference. Obviously if you use a separate drive you can just make an exact copy, including the volume name -but imaging to a partition you really need a different volume name to avoid tweaking the wrong one by mistake.


masterofallcheif, are you running 10.5.1 or 10.5.2? if it's 5.2 what kernel,system.kext smbios.kexts are you using?


I am trying to upgrade to 10.5.2 (third try) & need to pick a kernel, system.kext to use. ;)

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