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Random Lookups (doesn't know where to start)


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I've installed my first Hackintosh about 2 or 3 months ago. It all went fine until the marriage started to suck due to random crashes on the system. Normally I would search for a solution over the forum using the search option, but since I'm new to OS X I don't really know where to start looking for an answer.


I've seen reports that over 3Gb of memory used caused the system to crash if you are not using HPET, and that is not my case since I use HPET in 64 bit mode and sometimes crashes happened on way less memory used.


Other reports blame Azureus as the system killer, but without using it also happens.


I can't see anything wrong on the dmesg previous to one of those hangs and nothing on the logs tell me that the system may be malfunctioning.


My specs are:

Mother: Gygabyte 35C DS3R

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550

RAM: 4x1Gb Supertalent DDR2 PC800

Disk: A simple PATA Samsung 40 gb formatted on guid

Graphic: XFX 8800GT works fine with Nvinject


OS was installed using Kalyway 10.5.1 (vanilla and guid), then updated to latest 10.5.2 patching with guide on netkas.org.


Where do I start looking for the cause of my problem? I tried disabling automatically sleep status and some other options but nothing works.


Any help will be highly appreciated.


PS: If anyone know a FISH protocol port for mac please tell me, I really miss that from my KDE box for work.

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I can't recall at the monet exactly, but there is a flag you can boot with to only enable 1 CPU core which has helped some.....if it runs stable with only one core running, then you can search in the forums for any hints on how to enable 2 cores without crashes.



Also, look to see what chipset your motherboard uses and look on the forums to see if others have problems with that chipset, chipsets can be the cause of many difficulties on OS X 86.

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If I try to search anything on the forum (it has been like this for at least last Friday) this error is returned:


Erreur Sphinx : expected searchd protocol version 1+, got version '0'
Merci de contacter un Administrateur !


Anyway, I've disabled one CPU last night to test the system and today in the morning everything was running just fine, normally it would crash some time during the night, but as soon as I changed my user to my wife's one to leave her a note on dashboard my friend Kernel Panic showed up and I got screwed again.


A bit of further investigation lead me to some problems if AHCI is not enabled (not HPET (my fault)) being the cause of the 3Gb peak issue on a system similar to mines, but since it was recommended on the guide I used to install my OSx86 it has been enabled all the time since day one.

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