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Geforce Go 7950 GTX 512MB-RAM


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Hi Guys,



i've got a clevo notebook with a core2duo T7200, 2GB RAM, Intel Chipset and a Nvidia Geforce Go 7950GTX (have not flashed my graphic card with an other ROM).


I tired a lot of different drivers and hab best luck with the NVinject.kext but i always get a black screen... i tried to change the NVCAP many times but this won't work for me at the moment... i always got a black screen after the apple boot screen... (there are no error messages / i guess it is this so called internal lcd issue but the common solutions won't work)


it's hard to get help because this graphic card is very rare.


i'm close to losing hope that my graphic card will ever work ... i mean without nvinject, titan ...etc. i get a "desktop screen" but with bad resolution and a very slow graphical presentation... so u can't really "enjoy" the os ....


hopefully someone can help me out,




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yeah i thought someone would say this but:


flashing solve only the 512 MB detection problem (if there is one)

and it is not necessary to get the black screen fixed


and i tired it out... result was a blue screen on windows and a not booting mac os....


but i can live with an only 256MB running nvidia card... but at the moment this card will not run...



anyway riws thanks for your help and your interest

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