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graphic driver bugs Mbox2audio driver (PT Logic)


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Hi everybody!


my problem is that the output signal of my Mbox2 usb soundcard pops/clicks/crackels all the time in Leopard(10.5.1 and 10.5.2), except I don't install the nvidia driver.(nvinject, whatever)

without, everything works perfectly!

first i thought it may be the incompatibility described by didgidesign, so I decided to try Tiger(10.4.10) but here the same problem.


the reason i'm trying osx86 is to use "logic" till i can maybe afford a mac, but istalling Logic requiers Vram and Quartz extreme, so I have to install the graphic driver. Protools works without!( :D maybe the first nonexclusiv requierment of PT).


Is anybody knowing a way out of this dilemma! any little advice is greatly wellcomed!

thank you


I have a centrino duo Toshiba laptop, dual core 1.73ghz 2gb ram and a geforce 7300_to_go!

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