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Kalway 10.5.1 Reboots after successful install


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The search isn't working for me right now(get an error) so I have no choice but to post.


Anyway, I', using the Kalway 10.5.1 iso, and installed to a new drive, and I got the green checkmark at the end(I was very happy).


When I tried to reboot, I got to the Darwin boot screen, it loads, then prints out some text real fast so I can't read it, then restarts. Even with -v, I can't read the text fast enough before it restarts.


I'm using Acronis OS Selector as my bootloader btw, but its not the problem because I tried uninstalling it then trying again, and got the same error.


If theres any other info I can give to help someone answer my question, just ask.




HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! </desperate>

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