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Could I install OS X 86 on my HP Pavillion 9780C

Naruto Uzumaki

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We'll need more than that. Get CPU-Z, list the capabilities of your processor. Try making a signature similar to mine with your own hardware specs.


After doing this, the thing anyone will really be able to say is "it will probably work" or "it probably wont work" depending on your hardware. Playing around with installations such as OSX86 is more of a hobby than anything I think, therefore, if you do not want to devote some of your system's resources to it, dont bother trying. The best way of doing this is separate Hard drives. Unless you have multiple HDDs, you'll need something like partition magic to split your windows hard drive into pieces to try and install OSX.


If you're like me, and cant stand windows to any extent, format the HDD and forget windows exists. Programs like CrossOver, Paralells, etc. allow you to run your windows apps on your mac box.


There are no guarentees when it comes to playing around with new installations and things like this. If for some reason installing OSX86 destroys your windows partition, the only way to proceed is to try another installer or another method of installing.


That all being said, good luck!

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