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[fixed]a problem with installing programs?


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*Fixed, all is well now, i figured out that the version of imovie i had was broken. :D *


hello.. whts up?


Well I wanted to install Ilife on my macos86.. i installed the iatkos version.. but when i installed Imovie


Imovie is the whole reason i installed mac in the first place.. I need to able to use it at home...


it says quit unexpectedly and when i looked at the error report it said :


*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NsInternalInconsistencyException' ,

reason: 'creating more than one application'





im running a leapord 10.5.1 on my laptop..


If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated,



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that might be a solution but.. ive had this for about a week now and ive put in so many hours on trying to make everything work..


and currently i have everything but the wifi/internet working.. and i dont want to go through that again...ever..lol.


does anyone have another solution?

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