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Kalyway 10.5.1 intel on P35


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Hey mate,


Sorry to bother you again. But I am stuck and desperate.


I am running P35-DS3P, 2 GB, 8400GS, IDE DVD-RW and SATA HD 160GB


I tried to install Kalylway leo 10.5.1 intel. Did some net searches and they seem to tell me to install only kernels and efi boot loader GUID partition as I partioned my drive using GUID.



(1) My drive is 160 GB but under disk utility inside leopard, it only registers it as 129 GB?

(2) I can install and boots and now I get as far as the grey screen (post installation) but now, it gets stuck there, with the circular thingy at the bottom keep on spinning.


I am really sorry to be bothering you but I am desperate in getting this running :whistle:


Any pointers mate? Which is the best install CD? I am having so much trouble with intel. last time i used tubgirl on my NF4 and it worked beautifully :(

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