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RAID0 on Gigabyte P35-DS3(NOT "R") possible?


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Hi there,


so I'm satisfied with my Leopard running on my Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3. But last week, my HDD crashed and so I got 2x 200GB SATA-II from my server and I want to use it for my Hackintosh.


Hold on - 2 identical HDDs? Why not build a RAID0? The important data are stored on external HDD and DVD-RAMs.


Well - so I created the RAID0 I used for Vista in a testrun (Gigabyte RAID, because Intel is just a SATA/AHCI-controller).


Leopard setup detects it, but as 2 single devices. Is there a chance using it as RAID with the Gigabyte RAID or does the software-RAID I can create with the harddisktool also on MBR bootable Hackintosh?


Maybe some of you has got it work :D I'm excited for a feedback!





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