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Drawin boot Loader fails to load when booting thru HDD

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Hi ,


I have installed Triple boot on the computer. Installed Windows Xp , Windows Vista and leopard mac 10.5.2 on the 3 different 3 partitions on 1 single harddrive. Everything is booting properly .


Only the problem is the when I try to boot the MAC does not boot without the MAC DVD. The darwin does not load up . When I put in the DVD In the DVD Drive and restart the computer... Mac Boots up to the Boot up to Apple Desktop .


these are the steps which I have performed this is how I installed the triple boot


1. partition the harddrive like this

C - Vista (Vista OS files

D - Vista Program files

E - Windows XP

F - Windows Xp Program files

G- Mac OS X Leopard

H - Windows Vista and Windows XP Swap Files

rest of the partition


1. First installed Windows XP to E drive

2. Then Installed windows Vista to C Drive

3. Then Installed the mac OS X to G drive

(Vanilla Kernel and EFI boot MBr select )

(PS I have tried formatting the whole hard with MAC OS X ... :whistle: . Same thing is happen Unable to boot thru Darwin thru Harddisk . When the Installation disk is placed in dvd Drive then I am able to boot desktop )

4. I mark the C drive partition active then I am able to boot to the Vista ...

Ntldr missing and winload.exe missing message got but I fixed them

5. So when I installed Easy BCD ...and put the MAC Entery in the Loader not able to boot....


I kindly request does anybody know how to rectify the boot situation


With Regards,

$tealth :unsure:

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have you tried to use the vista bootloader(info on other threads) to get osx going. or use a third party bootloader like acronis or one on hirens boot cd? I havent even started to install osx but have figured out what peoples problems are kinda:) anyway if im wrong please correct me.


try that especially the boot.ini method in vista or xp.

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Problem Solved


I had used a name "MAC OS X 10.5.2 Leopard" only 1 name should be Like Leopard or Kalyway or something else .....


From this topic



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