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Can kalyway 10.5.1 iso be restored and booted from a hd partition?


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Hi all,


I am having all sorts of trouble trying to burn a md5sum-verified

kalyway 10.5.1 iso to dvd-r despite using three dvd writers

and creating numerous coasters. The dvd-r's all seem to

kind of work, but will invariably cause some hiccups along

the installation process.


So I decided to try to restore the kalyway image to a hard disk partition.

I essentially followed the steps under "INSTALLATION METHOD 2" of

BrazilMac's guide at


(but applying to the kalyway iso instead of a brazilmac iso), then

made the partition bootable, and voila the kalyway installer booted off like a charm

(and was 100 times faster than the dvd-r approach). The installation went really fast

as well without problems UNTIL right at the very end when I get an error about

there being some problem with the source media and to contact Apple support)


Does anyone know if this method of using the kalyway image is kosher.

Has anyone seen this problem before?




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