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WTS? Nintendo Wii+ games and stuff


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OK, so i got a Wii, and of late is has board the hell out of me, possible due o having a new iMac.

I have the standard normal british wii, it also comes with 2 nun-chucks, a regular game controller, and 4 jackets.

The games included are


wii points x3 (used)


Wii Sports,

Wii Play

Mortal combat: Armageddon

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Paper Mario

Endless Ocean

Rampage Total Destruction.


Not a lot, but hey :)

Don't know if i would clear the system memory so the buyer could keep all my VC games :pirate2:

Don't know how much to ask for it, hopefully about £270.... i dunno...


Think Mark


EDIT: BTW, i also have all the original boxes for the cases and documentation.

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