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Can I run Leopard on a Dell Inspirion 1525?


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Hi there!


I want to buy a new notebook (Dell Inspirion 1525). Then I wan to run Lepard on in it :huh: .


Is this a good notebook for running Leopard?


The specs of the Dell Inspirion 1525:





I hope you can give me an answere.


Thank you!

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I have an Inspiron 1525 that I am in process of installing 10.5.1 Leopard on.

If you have not already downloaded the iAtkos R2 Installation do that first.

Otherwise If you are using the Kalyway Install what you will find is that after installing the OS, that the screen will blank out when it starts to load the finder.


It has to do with the fact that you need a specific driver for the Intel Graphic Chipset

(X3100) for the Inspiron 1525.


Hope that helps you!


- Juanski

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The Inspiron 1525 uses the X3100 graphics chipset. With Kalyway 10.5.1, use the 10.5.2 update to bring it up to speed, then you can install the Apple Graphics Update. This gives you the appropriate drivers. Alternatively, newer OSes such iAtkos v2.0i come with the driver natively.


The problem is your monitor will go into sleep mode upon entering the OS.


This is only way to get around the graphics card issue that I know of:


- Attach an external monitor to your VGA display via the side slot

- Use "FN + F8" to switch to it

- Boot OS X as normal

- Bootup splash will continue on external display, will switch to laptop as soon as you enter OS

- Go into System Preferences > Screen Saver > Hot Corners > Add Sleep Display to at least one of the corners

- Reboot

- Give OS X a few moments to boot the system up then, flick your touchpad to the corner

- Your display should come up


You'll have to do the flick technique to unsleep the display after every boot. Hopefully someone will come up with a driver-level fix at some point.


On a separate point, sound does not work out-of-box with iAtkos v2.0i and others I have tested.


Has anyone found a driver that works?

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