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nVidia nForce6 680i SLI Chipset help / questions


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Greetings. I am in the process of building a Q6600 system with a nVidia nForce6 680i SLI Chipset (BFG brand). I checked the Wiki a couple weeks ago and again tonight and it doesn't seem to have changed. According to the Wiki the dual gigabit ethernet doesn't work & SATA can't write at all. It said that a driver was in the works, but that was 2-3 weeks ago and nothing changed on the wiki.


Has anyone had any success with either of these two components? I could use one of my PCI nic cards if I really had to (prefer not), however the no SATA write would be no go for me.


I am coming from a perfectly running AMD system, however the mobo crapped out on me. BFG screwed up the RMA and instead of sending me a replacement nForce4 board, they shipped me a 680i by mistake. So since they sent me the motherboard, it sort of motivated me to upgrade to the Q6600 considering the mobo was already paid for :blink:. I've built a couple "hackintosh's" already, two being laptops & my old AMD system. I'm familiar with the couple little kinks that I might run into, but not being able to write to SATA kills it compltely for me. All of my good hard drives are all SATA.


Any help would be much appreciaited. Any first hand experience and it would be VERY appreciated.


Regards in advance,



PS: To summarize all what I wrote above, does anyone have any experience with getting SATA to work properly with the nForce 6 680i chipset? Any experience with the onboard gigabit? Thanks :)

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