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Install Guide - 10.4.11 - Asus P4P800 Deluxe ATI 9600


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Uncomfortable to posting to the Wiki so please parse and post.


Simple tutorial giving back to the community. Feel free to ask questions in this thread (only here please).


Steps to Install:


Note: Download neccessary files to a flash drive before installation to gangbang the install in one go.


1. Boot DVD. No special settings. Be sure to use disk utility to format/erase drive.

2. Select Following Install Options:

> Combo 10.4.11 update

> 8.9.1 (Whole Set)

> Non-EFI Kexts (Whole Set)

> Recommended Patches (Whole Set)

> AGPGart Lite Intel 865 Version (Enables AGP detection)

> Callisto 008 (Resolution and Framebuffer)

> AD1980 (Audio Driver)


3. Let it install. Reboot. If blinking cursor search google for solution (just need to set or reset the bootable/active partition flag/switch).


4. Drag the ATIRadeon9700ga.plugin (attached below in archive) to /System/Library/Extensions. Note: This is simply modified to use the CallistoFB. Makes QE/Core work. Note 2: Mouse Tearing begins.

5. Install Kexthelp (link: http://www.cheetha.net/Kext_Helper/Software.html)


6. Install Yukon/Marvell kext using KextHelper (attached below in archive - named skge.kext). This enables on-board network.


7. Set Energy Saver settings to avoid your computer going to sleep and not waking up.


8. Install Himmel Bar (link: http://softbend.free.fr/himmelbar/)

9. Reboot - Enjoy QE/CI, Resolution Changing, Internet, Audio.


Enjoy - DelicatePC.com


Note: Currently having issues with video playback. Will post update as soon as I get it solved.


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Hello my friend


this is my first post in this forum.


thank you very much and congratulations on you're guide. it was the only one that helped me.

I must say I've tried several distro's and none of them worked besides this one and the 10.5 from ToH.


My computer specs are a bit different from your's:


cpu: P4 2.8 HT northwood (sse2 only)

Mboard: asrock P4I65G

Graphics: ATI 9600


everything is enabled, QE and CI says supportted, in fact, you're driver were the only one that worked. Thank You.

But... I don't think core image is working very well. In iPhoto i can't see fullcreen. In Skype I can't see my video preview or the contact's video broadcast. Virtualization doesn't work. Front Row gives me a white image with sound. iMovie doesn't show previews. etc.. everything that is connected to core image doesn't work in spite it is supportted.

In Toh 10.5 distros I only had core image supportted by software and I could see some of thoose stuff working very well..


Can You Help me in some way?


once again, thank you very much and pardon my english (I'm from Portugal)

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