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Kalaway 10.5.2 post install observations


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First let me extend my gratitude to all who made this possible, fantastic job by all concerned.


As the owner of real Macs I understand the reliability and ease of use many of you are now discovering, well at least the ease of use bit anyway. I decided to try build a MacPro rather than buy one as I can't afford one just now.


The install went smoothly and with all the patches installed for network, sound and video card I have a fully working HacPro (setup listed below) Among the apps installed are:


EyeTV 3.0 with Happauge WinTV-HVR-900 USB - works perfectly.

Adobe CS3 - no problems. Edit - Now crashes at launch.

Office 2008 - no problems.

Limewire, Toast, MacTheRipper, Handbrake, Transmission, VLC - all fine.

Logic Pro 8 - flawless.


However the fly in the ointment is Parallels Desktop and the Go>Connect to Server menu option on Finder.


When constructed I had 4 x 1GB RAM modules installed, Parallels refused to boot with this. I changed the modules around and got it to run but I had a lot of KPs on starting the application. I removed the 2 higher addressed modules leaving just 2x1GB modules. This resulted in a more stable system and far fewer KPs but they still occur every now and then. I've kept an eye on the memory meter in the activity monitor to see if I could pinpoint at which level it would crash but there in nothing consistent about it, it could happen after boot up even. If I could fix this issue I could get rid of the Windows box I have. Can anyone offer any suggestions ? The logs don't show the crash or any details.


The second problem is using the Go>Connect To Server . . . option from the Finder menu. On my PowerMac G5, 10.5.2 I click this and enter the i.p. address of the server I want to connect to: For example I regularly connect to a WebDAV server using the http protocol so I enter, http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080 and hit return or click Connect and everything works fine. However on the HackPro when I do this it amends "afp:// to the beginning giving - afp://http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080 - and obviously fails to connect, I've so far been unable to cure this and frankly it has me stumped !!


Once again thanks to everyone for their sterling work here, I really do appreciate it.



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