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I can't install any MacOS, I receive errors


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Hi all!

First - sorry for my Bad English.


I'm new in this forum and I didn't find topic who help me to install MacOS.


First - I will pressent my PC:



And now - The problems:

First I try JaS 10.4.8 for Intel and AMD, but I receive CPU panic Error, after Darwin Boot. I try with -v command, but without changes.

After JaS I try Kallyway 10.5.1, but there, it didn't find my harddisk. I try to change in BIOS the controller and I change - from IDE to ACHI, but after booting, my CPU is restarting (I listen sound only). After this I change again IDE and continue with trying to install MacOS.

After this, I try Leo4All and there I receive the CPU error.

After this I try with Uphuck 10.4.9 and there it did not find my harddisk, but with change the controller IDE->ACHI, my CPU is not restarted. It find my harddrive, and I select the partition, and MBR install and I continue. And after 40% I receive this error:


And this logs:




And I try with Myzar 10.4.9, but the errors are the same as Uphuck 10.4.9.

In installation I mark Intel Installation, SSE3 -1 and login window.


How to install Mac OS on my PC, and who MacOS sellect?


Thank you!


I'm sorry for my bad English.

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