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[Review] Thermaltake all-in-one GPU water cooling system

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As I continually had to take my custom built computer apart, something was happening to the fan cooler on my Geforce 7900gs. The fan would tilt off-balance, and produce scary vibration. After a while, I think one of the bearings (It had a two bearings) broke because it was always off-balance. So I decided to buy another cooler. I chose the Thermaltake All-In-One GPU water cooler...


... and I must say it's nothing short of amazing.


The good:


It works exactly as it's supposed to. It keeps the GPU at a constant 100 F idle, 104 F load! It's all in one, and fits inside the case of the computer.


The bad:


Installation was a PAIN IN THE ARSE for me, see notes.


The ugly:


It's big. Really big. Bigger than an 8800Ultra (But not quite as long).





I had to do major mods for this to fit onto my motherboard. It uses two adjacent PCI slots to hold itself in place, but I don't have two adjacent PCI slots. I had to modify one of the slots on the cooler to fit a PCI-e slot. Pain in the arse. I also has to take a chunk out of the braket that gets screwed onto the side of the case, because there was a rivet on my case that was in the way. Another reason it was troublesome to install was because mounting the cooler on the GPU itself was tricky.



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