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i get yellow exclaimation mark mac can not install straight away into install ?

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hi guys I downloaded both iAKTOS 1.0i and kalyway 10.5.1 burned them to dvd-r's at 4x speed, but when i boot into both of them, go to the disk utility create a partition with the mac osx journeld filesystem then i choose customize and choose mbr cos thats what i leave the partition as. i click on install it says time remaining - calculating then about 20 seconds into the install it comes up with screen with the yellow exclaimation mark and says mac could not be installed on your computer and this happens on both kalyway and iAKTOS 1.0i any help on why it's doing this to me would be much appreicated.


my specs are


Intel p4 3.0ghz socket 478 it has mmx, sse, sse2 and sse3 i checked with cpu-z

1.00gb of ddr ram

nvidia geforce 7600gs 512mb gfx card

320gb hitachi IDE hard drive





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