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Tutorial for Triple Booting (XP/Vista/iATKOS v0.1r3)


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This topic will be for the detailed tutorial for tri booting using the new patch.


Please help me here i have been trying this from past 1 week wasted 9 dvd's but still cant get it to work my mac wont boot only, after installing when i reboot after the terminal work (flagging pt 2) it shows verifying dmi pool data.. and get stucks.


Yeah i have read every topic of this forum relating this but still no luck. :wacko:


Please dont ignore this and give me and including all the people who have failed.. like me some support by a detailed tutorial for installation.


Thank you.


My Specs:


CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00Ghz [dont know the exact sse2 or sse3, after testing from cpuz/cpuid in the instruction it shows all sse2, sse3, etc.] 64bit

Chipset: nforce Chipset (xfx 680i SLI)


RAM:1GB x 2 + 512mb x 2 = 3GB of RAM

GPU: XFX 8600gt (256mb, ddr3)

HD: 320GB Segate (ST3320620AS)

SMPS: 600Wt.



Please do tell me what Kernal to use after looking at my cpu specs.


Thanx Again..

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