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Tutorial for Triple Booting (XP/Vista/iATKOS v0.1r3)


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This topic will be for the detailed tutorial for tri booting using the new patch.


Please help me here i have been trying this from past 1 week wasted 9 dvd's but still cant get it to work my mac wont boot only, after installing when i reboot after the terminal work (flagging pt 2) it shows verifying dmi pool data.. and get stucks.


Yeah i have read every topic of this forum relating this but still no luck. :P


Please dont ignore this and give me and including all the people who have failed.. like me some support by a detailed tutorial for installation.


Thank you.


My Specs:


CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00Ghz [dont know the exact sse2 or sse3, after testing from cpuz/cpuid in the instruction it shows all sse2, sse3, etc.] 64bit

Chipset: nforce Chipset (xfx 680i SLI)


RAM:1GB x 2 + 512mb x 2 = 3GB of RAM

GPU: XFX 8600gt (256mb, ddr3)

HD: 320GB Segate (ST3320620AS)

SMPS: 600Wt.




Please do tell me what Kernal to use after looking at my cpu specs.


Thanx Again..

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I don't know what that tutorial tells you but the easiest way for me to dual boot is to just get 2 hard drives and if your motherboard has a boot option when booting. Like my motherboard lets me press F12 during boot up I just choose the hard drive I want to boot off of. In bios I set the default hard drive I want to boot using the hard drive boot order (you can still change the boot order every time you want to switch OS if you can't press a key when booting -- PITA though). Then I would just do a normal install of both OSX and vista on their own hard drives. In your case you could probably get XP and vista on one drive easy and just install MAC OS on its own. No boot menus or anything to install this way and if I kill my mac drive I don't break vista. Its as simple as getting a normal Hackintosh release working if you call that simple :P. Just boot off the install dvd and select the new hard drive for the MAC. Vista and xp can easily be fit onto one hard drive and they play nice but I would still partition for that and use the vista/xp boot up screen that they automatically install. Maybe there are better ways but this was super easy to do.

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i havent tried to install os x yet coz im collecting more info like(partitioning, burning, harware compatibility, hardware & software issues, different approach in installing, tweaking, drivers and to small details that helps), and saving important threads and reading them while waiting to finish all the files that i need....


my suggestion to you is that, you need to read more and use google where you can find a forum similar to insanelymac... just take time.... since your problem is just triple booting, why not start reading dual booting and figure it out what config they modified and i think with that you can start to tweak a bit...




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