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Problems using wifi on P5K-E, and a few other issues


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Core 2 Quad Q6600

Asus P5k-e

8800GT 512mb

2gb DDR2-800 OCZ Platinum


I installed Leopard using the Kalyway SSE2/3 iso, selecting "vanilla kernels" (both), "Azalia_AD1988b" and "Realtek_wifi_1.4.5_UI". After this I patched my 8800gt using NVinstaller V.41. Everything appears fine, sound and ethernet appear to be working, able to run 1920x1200 without any noticeable lag.


But every time I start the Realtek USB WLAN Client Utility, I get the message "NOTICE: Please enable the WLAN card in the Network item of System Preferences". Under network preferences, I don't see the WLAN card on the left. Instead, I only see "Ethernet" and "Built-in Serial Port (1)". I made sure that the wifi was enabled in the bios. Any help/suggestions??


I have a few other unrelated issues:

-My sata hard drive is recognized as an external drive (orange hard drive icon), not as an internal. I have it connected to sata port 1 on the motherboard.

-After changing the screen resolution in system preferences, the screen stays blue and does not change until I restart my computer.

-After sleeping, I can't wake up using the mouse or keyboard; I have to push the power button. When the system wakes up, I get the "device removal" error message, like when you unplug a drive without ejecting it. In the bios, I changed "Suspend Mode" to "S3 Only" and enabled "Repost Video on S3 Resume" (before changing those settings, the computer would not sleep (just froze).


Can anyone please give me any suggestions/insight? Also, anyone using a P5K-e board, please let me know which bios settings you changed from default!! Thanks for reading!

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