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10.5.2 slow boot up - stop at black screen

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I installed Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 rev1 and few days after rev2 and release Leo4All. There was same problem on each release. Install went smootly no any problem. The problem is VERY slow boot of the system. Time to load to desktop take about 5-6minutes. When start PC, gray Apple logo with spinnig loader stay for about 2min. and then appear black screen(at time to time the screen is blue). This screen stay for about 4min with no disk activity at most of the time. After this 4min desktop appear and the system is ok and fast, internet, sound, video are ok and so on.


How can I fix slow boot and this black screen?


My system:

Athlon x2 4200+ am2

Epox mf4 ultra3(NF4 chipset)

2gb Ram

ATA HDD maste

ATA DVD slave

Lan 3com9btx

7600gs 256

sound on board acl'97

usb mouse + keyboard

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