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RTL8139D: Why some work and some don't.

chris lopo

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I see many people having the problem that OS X does not recognize the Realtek 8139D.


As you can see on this post, there is a RTL8139D that is NOT a real Realtek 8139D. It's a "Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co" and even in Windows the original Realtek drivers doesn't work.


If you have a RTL8139D card that has the Vendor's ID starting with VEN_1904 (You can see it in "Windows' Hardware Manager" under "Details > Hardware's ID") it will not work for sure, because original RTL8139D is VEN_10ec. It's better to buy another one or ask the reseller for a real Realtek 8139D.


Hope this helps.



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