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Intel HD audio


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So i have a laptop that i installed 10.5.1 on and sound of course is not working it doesent even detect what type of card it is just gives me a hardware ID of 0x103C30A0

the laptop is a HP dv1712us


The most i can find regarding this card is that it is part of the GMA 950 chipset but addiontal information regarding the sound card is always intel HD audio no spefics on the card type and from what i can tell in order to get sound working you need to have a codec dump for the correct card but how do you infact find out what spefic card it is other then ripping the laptop apart ?



I am running linux on this laptop as well and I do have sound working but it also just uses a generic driver for the audio and a lspci gives no addional information about it.


Any help is greatly aprecated.

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