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Unable to stay logged in


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OK, so this is my first time trying out 10.5 at all, and I've run into a strange issue. I was able to get the OS installed all teh way, but my system hung on the creating account page. After about 30 minutes, I said screw it and reset. It appears it was able to create my account, as it and the Other User options appear. When I log into eitehr my account or root, the system will log in, remain logged in for roughly 30-40 seconds, and then without warning, log out to the User select screen again. So far, I can't find anything on why it would do this. I'm hoping I won't have to reinstall again, so if anyone has any information or suggestions, I would appreciate it greatly. My system specs are as follows:


AMD Athlon64 3500+

ABit AX8

2.5GB DDR1



USB Keyboard/Mouse

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